How to Sponsor

Since WordPress Gwinnett is completely volunteer-run and our meetups are hosted free of charge, we rely on sponsors to help us serve our community.

Why sponsor a meetup

Our members sponsor us as a way to say thank you and pay it forward. They are listed on our OpenCollective page.

Businesses sponsor us for visibility, and the unique ROI we provide not available elsewhere in the WordPress community. Meetup groups are unique in that we get the opportunity to build up trust in our communities every month — unlike a one weekend tradeshow or conference. And people buy from people they trust.

Not only is your business listed on our page and website, but since our sponsors are only companies we respect and/or use ourselves, we end up inadvertently becoming walking endorsements talking about your business every month, multiple times — about how we love and use your product or service.

That’s just a side effect of having a good business, and just one new customer is worth more than the price of plying WordPressers with pizza and drinks every month 🙂

Where to sponsor

For financial sponsorships, both members and businesses use our OpenCollective. We accept both one-time and recurring sponsorships ($1 or $1/month), in any amount.

For in-kind sponsorships, please contact us.