Notes: A Gentle Introduction to ES6


  • var => keywords let and const to help prevent unnecessary errors

    • var can be reassigned and redeclared
    • let can be reassigned but not redeclared
    • const cannot be reassigned or redeclared
    • const is not hoisted

  • Function Scoping => Function Scoping + Block Scoping

    • var can only be function scoped
    • let and const are block scoped

  • Template Literals

    • string concatenation => string interpolation
    • explicit line breaks in a string => multi-line strings

  • Default Values

  • Anonymous functions => Arrow Functions

    • arrow functions keep context

  • Destructuring

    • arrays, objects, nested objects, renaming

  • pass individual parameters to a function => rest parameters

  • concat => spread operator

  • forEach => for..of

  • constructors => classes

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